Vladimir Chistyakov
chef, Buro TSUM

One of the chefs of the "new wave", the adherent of seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Being graduate of famous Ragout School, he knows how to combine European classics and new trends in the most original way. His mono style is devoted to give the first place to the only one ingredient on a plate, surrounded by two or three different tastes to emphasize its advantages and to put the focus on it. This approach brings completely new taste and unforgettable impressions.
Duo of Chefs, Dmitry Zotov and Vladimir Chistyakov, makes the place unique. Two different gastronomic views allowed to create menu by combining local and seasonal ingredients, classic dishes and fresh gastronomic trends. Fresh bread from its own bakery, variety of tartar and crudo with fresh seafood and vegetables, the heat of Lyon grill and author's dishes, seasoned with herbs and Asian spices – you can witness the most interesting things happening on the open kitchen of Buro TSUM.
Dmitry Zotov
brand chef, Buro TSUM

Talented Chef and well-known restaurateur became an outstanding person on gastronomic map after his bright performance in San Pellegrino Cooking Cup-2011 finale. His style merges classic recipes and unusual plating, masterly mixed with european and asian traditions. His passion to gastronomy made him one of the leaders of Russian modern cuisine and the winner of prestigious restaurant awards.