Panoramic view, gastronomic menu and Lyon grill: for those who enjoy being in the center.
Young, experienced, creative and, as usual, handsome. Having gone through most of his career under the guidance of Andrey Shmakov, Egor opened the Nedalniy Vostok with Glen Ballis, headed the PRIMEBEEF academy and recorded serious awards in his professional asset - victory in the Chef a la Russe-2016 championship and the Audience Award in the S.Pellegrino competition Young Chef-2019. And in 2022, Vladimir Chistyakov entrusted him with the BURO.TSUM kitchen, in order to subsequently completely transfer the "reins of government".
The dishes from Egor Makarov have bright Asian notes, set by his predecessors, as well as virtuoso work with meat and his open-minded look at food combinations, witty and inventive.